PHOTOS: Lobsterman Hauls in Unusual Catch off Maine Coast

A Maine lobsterman got a shock when he caught a live deer in open water Monday morning.

Ren Dorr said he was setting traps when he saw the young deer, which had given up swimming and was being carried farther offshore.

“I’m sure he [had been] going from island to island or shore to an island and he couldn’t see or got caught in the current,” the 31-year-old Harrington lobsterman told the Bangor Daily News. “He was just kind of going with the flow. He wasn’t trying to fight it or swim with it. He was just kind of floating along.”

Dorr added that although he has seen deer swimming before he knows that if he hadn’t been a Good Samaritan and rescued the animal, it would have been “a goner.”

“I couldn’t have that on my conscience, obviously,” Dorr told the news outlet. “That’s not the guy that I am, so I figured I’d bring him in.” (Read more from “Lobsterman Hauls in Unusual Catch off Maine Coast” HERE)

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