Transgender ‘Man’ Upset Women Won’t Date Her

In an opinion piece for, transgender [woman] Lee Hurley bewailed [her] plight in the dating arena, criticizing women for “ghosting” [her] once they find out that [she] is transgender (that is, a biological woman, too).

“Internet dating when I was a lesbian was infinitely easier than how it is now as a trans man,” Hurley lamented. “As a trans guy, the majority don’t seem to know what to make of me, so they run away.”

Perhaps the lack of success was due to the timing of the reveal? No, Hurley said [she] put that theory to the test and the results were clear.

“I’ve played around with the big reveal and I know the two are linked. It’s hard not to see a connection when you arrange a second date, drop the T bomb and then she cancels in the next breath,” he argued. “I’d be chatting with a woman, making her laugh and seemingly getting on well. Then I’d tell her and she’d vanish. Over and over and over. Before dates, during dates, after dates, it didn’t matter. The result was almost always the same.” . . .

So, in conclusion, women who won’t date a transgender man are “ignorant” and have a “limited view of how gender and sexuality works? Got it. (Read more from “Transgender ‘Man’ Upset Women Won’t Date Her” HERE)

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