WATCH: Plane Crashes in Another Gender-Reveal Gone Wrong

An investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board has found that a September plane crash in Texas occurred during a gender-reveal celebration, which left one person injured in the stunt.

The accident is the second gender-reveal-gone-awry to hit the headlines in recent weeks, after an Iowa grandmother was tragically killed at a gender-reveal party last month. . .

The NTSB’s report indicated that the Sept. 7 crash occurred after the crop duster-style plane dumped 350 gallons of pink-dyed water as part of the fanfare. According to the pilot, Raj Horan, the aircraft “got too slow” before stalling, crashing, and ending up upside-down.

Horan walked away from the wreck unscathed, but his passenger sustained minor injuries. Officials noted that the airplane was a single-seater, and not designed for two people to be onboard, The News Tribune reported.

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