Gay Judge Denied Communion

Michigan district court judge was asked by her Catholic priest to not partake in the sacrament of Holy Communion because of the fact that she is married to a woman.

Michigan’s 63rd District Court Chief Judge, Sara Smolenski, told CNN that the priest at St. Stephen Catholic Church in Grand Rapids called and asked her to “not come to communion” because of her same sex marriage.

“This is not about me against the priest, and it’s not really me against the church,” said the 62-year-old Smolenski, telling CNN that the decision “feels like selective discrimination.” . . .

Smolenski, who was baptized at the church, claimed that St. Stephen’s priest Scott Nolan called her on November 23 to tell her it was good to see her in church, but “‘because you and Linda are married in the state of Michigan, I’d like you to respect the church and not come to communion.’”

Smolenski was elected as a judge in 1990 and became chief judge in 1996. She married longtime partner Linda Burpee in March 2016 after the practice became legal, CNN reported. (Read more from “Gay Judge Denied Communion” HERE)

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