Pensacola Shooting Suspect Reportedly Loathed U.S. as ‘Nation of Evil,’ Hosted Dinner to Watch Mass Shooting Videos; Pensacola Muslims Fear ‘Backlash’ After Jihad Massacre

By Daily Caller. A Saudi military student training at Pensacola Naval Air Station reportedly wrote an anti-American manifesto prior to the Friday shooting that killed three people.

Mohammed al-Shamrani called the United States a “nation of evil” in an online manifesto, AFP reported Saturday. Shamrani died in the attack that left eight other people wounded. Authorities are assessing whether the incident was a terrorist attack. . .

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis identified the shooting suspect as a Saudi Arabian national who was on the base for military flight training. In the 9/11 attacks 15 of the of the 19 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia and some had learned how to fly at civilian flight training centers in Florida.

According to the SITE Intelligence Group that investigates radical Islamist media, Shamrani had posted a manifesto on a since-deleted Twitter account that read in part: “I’m against evil, and America as a whole has turned into a nation of evil.”

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Here We Go Again: Pensacola Muslims Fear ‘Backlash’ After Jihad Massacre

By PJ Media. The Pensacola News Journal was first out of the gate this time around with what is a recurring feature of establishment media coverage of jihad attacks: the follow-up weeper about how the local Muslims are shocked (Shocked!) by the massacre, and are now cowering in fear of an “anti-Muslim backlash.” That backlash rarely, if ever, materializes, but when has the media ever allowed reality to intrude upon a good narrative?

The News Journal interviewed Salma Ashmawi of the Islamic Center of Northwest Florida, and Ashmawi hit all the expected notes, asking: “What can anybody do in a case like that except pray?” Ashmawi added, said the News Journal, that “the mosque’s membership is also raising money to help the victims.” She said: “We are all Pensacola residents. We’re hurt and we’re in mourning.”

Amid all this pious magnanimity, Ashmawi also remembered to play the victim: she “said parents who usually take their children to Sunday school at the mosque are planning to keep their children home this week out of fear they will become targets of backlash aimed against Muslims.” . . .

No claim that Muslims were the real victims would be complete without a bit of moral equivalence, so Ashmawi “said what the shooter did was an act against God and against humanity, though she added that Christians don’t have to live in fear or face calls to apologize every time someone claiming to be a Christian does something wrong.” She did not, of course, mention the fact that jihad murderers quite often scream “Allahu akbar” while killing infidels, while Christian criminals don’t generally invoke Jesus while in the midst of their evildoing.

Ashmawi insisted that it was all because “Islamophobes” don’t understand Islam: “But sadly enough, people don’t understand that this has nothing to do with our faith. In fact, what he did is totally forbidden and against faith. Somebody that does something so horrific is not blessed. God has said if you kill one human, it’s as though you have killed all humanity.” (Read more from “Here We Go Again: Pensacola Muslims Fear ‘Backlash’ After Jihad Massacre” HERE)

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