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We’re at a crossroads at Restoring Liberty. As you know, Google, Facebook, Twitter and other Establishment-controlled entities have targeted our website for destruction. Google has taken away our revenue account, stripped all ads from our website, removed us from its news listing, and has specifically targeted us in other ways, too. Facebook traffics our content to less than 1% of our 43,000 followers. Twitter discriminates against 99% of our tweets. YouTube hides our account. Snopes puts up false stories about us.

That’s no surprise given the fact that we are the only news website based out of Lisa Murkowski’s home state that is willing to hold her to account. See our recent stories here and here.

Despite this, we soldier on, continuing to post stories daily, reaching hundreds of thousands every month, millions each year.

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We run a pretty tight ship. Nevertheless, the website costs several thousands of dollars per month to operate, not to mention the dozens of hours of volunteer time sacrificed every week. And after losing our main sponsor due to a tragic accident last year, we’ve been running in the red. But we continue to update you with the stories the Establishment hates.

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