Republican Congressman Posts Video for Holidays of Hillary Clinton Getting Hit by Light Fixture

Representative Paul Gosar marked Christmas Eve by sharing a clip of a light falling on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from 27 years ago. . .

In 1992, when Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas, Hillary joined him on 60 Minutes, her first interview on the show, to discuss his run for president and accusations he had an affair. About 40 minutes into the interview, a light bar that was set up for the interview crashed onto the back of the couch where Bill and Hillary were sitting.

As the Clintons jumped off the couch and away from the fallen light, Hillary exclaimed, “Jesus, Mary and Joseph.” Given the Biblical names she used and their importance at Christmas time, it’s possible that’s what Gosar meant by “remember the reason for the season.” . . .

People on social media didn’t take kindly to him sharing the clip, and some Twitter users said they reported it for promoting violence against the former secretary of state. Others, including Neera Tanden, the president of the Center for American Progress, claimed the representative’s behavior was one of the reasons his family made an ad encouraging voters to support his opponent.

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