The Deep State Resistance Terrorized Innocent Americans; Pardoned Ex-Soldier Fuels Trump’s ‘Deep State’ Talk

By Daily Caller. Ever since Donald J. Trump was elected to Make America Great Again, the self-declared #Resistance has terrorized him and many innocent Americans. . .

Today’s Resistance more closely resembles the 18th century French Revolution type – a ruthless mob orchestrated by elites which toppled the government and terrorized countless French citizens for a decade. Their hatred was so deep they even beheaded the statues at Notre Dame Cathedral and the Palais Des Papes in Avignon, home to the 14th century popes and the seat of Western Christianity.

Then, as now, the Resistance’s rallying cries were based on false claims and similar smear campaigns. In Paris, Queen Marie Antoinette was rumored to have said if the poor had no bread, “let them eat cake.” Yet that was an anti-royal trope in France for over a century and there’s no evidence she said it.

In our times, the equivalent rabble-rousing slander is that the Trump Campaign “colluded” with Russia to steal the 2016 election. Though fortunately the guillotine is no longer fashionable, the Resistance still wages terror. Judicially. Financially. Psychologically. . .

Tragically, President Trump along with 50-plus associates have been subjected to a three-year reign of terror from our own government, press and public over a politically motivated hoax. (Read more from “The Deep State Resistance Terrorized Innocent Americans” HERE)


Pardoned Ex-Soldier Fuels Trump’s ‘Deep State’ Talk About U.S. Military

By Business Insider. It’s been nearly a month since Clint Lorance, the 35-year-old former US Army first lieutenant who was convicted of war crimes and later pardoned by President Donald Trump, emerged from military prison at Ft. Leavenworth in Kansas to the greetings of his family. . .

Throughout his presidency, Trump and his ardent supporters have fueled the so-called “deep state” theory — a term lifted from coup-prone Turkish politics about the military who’ve overthrown elected leaders — and pointed to the steady stream of unflattering leaks from unnamed law enforcement and intelligence officials as unmistakable proof.

For the first time, Trump recently expanded the theory to include the Defense Department.

“Just this week, I stuck up for three great warriors against the deep state,” Trump said at a Florida campaign rally in November. “And you know what I’m talking about.” . . .

In the interview, Lorance agreed with Trump’s sentiment and said he believed that “senior bureaucrats in the Pentagon who believe they do not answer to the electorate” were also members of the so-called deep state conspiracy. (Read more from “Pardoned Ex-Soldier Fuels Trump’s ‘Deep State’ Talk About U.S. Military” HERE)

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