Trans ‘Man’ and ‘Non-Binary’ Partner Give Birth Using ‘Female’ Sperm Donor

A female-to-male trans man and their “non-binary” partner have had a baby in Brighton, England — assisted by a trans doctor and a female-to-male trans woman sperm donor.

39-year-old Reuben Sharpe, who began living as a man twelve years ago, gave birth to a child described by the left-wing Mirror as a “miracle baby” in “Britain’s most modern family” after two rounds of fertility treatment.

28-year-old Jay, Sharpe’s partner, was born a woman but has had a double mastectomy and now identifies as “non-binary”, so the pair had to inseminate Sharpe using donor sperm — which was provided by a trans woman who had retained their male sexual organs.

“It’s taken six years to get this far, but now we have a baby in our arms and that was the end goal. I finally feel complete,” said Sharpe.

“It wasn’t that I was desperate to have the birthing experience or pregnancy experience, but I wanted a child and I had the facility to do it.

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