WATCH: After These Remarks About the Trump Impeachment Circus, Does This Mean House Democrats Are Russian Agents?

Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) is one of the few Democrats who aren’t insane. Yes, that club has lost a lot of members since 2016. She’s still a liberal Democrat, but she’s not nuts. She has noted how identity politics has hijacked her party. She hates it when people generalize all Trump supporters as racist. And she warned her party in 2016 that the Clinton campaign was ignoring the Rust Belt, and her state, at their peril. Now, she’s observing that the overtly partisan public impeachment hearings are pretty much accomplishing what Russia wants with this circus: division. And it’s the Democrats leading that charge because…‘orange man, bad.’

Fox Business host Charles Payne interviewed Dingell where he commented on how a partisan impeachment push is accomplishing things Russia has only dreamed of concerning sowing division in Washington.

“I think some of this has probably been caused by some of the actions that they’ve taken,” replied Dingell.

Is that a subtle shot at Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA)? Schiff is the chair of the House Intelligence Committee who held the first series of public hearings that really didn’t do much. The needle hasn’t moved in impeachment. It’s still unpopular in battleground states. No one watched it. No one cared. And the witnesses were pretty much career bureaucrats who were huffy because they disagreed with Trump on Ukraine policy.

Yeah, the hill Democrats are willing to die on is that the president tried to shake down the Ukrainians in a July phone call, where Trump threatened to withhold military aid unless a corruption probe was opened into Hunter Biden’s position at Burisma. Aid was never withheld. In fact, Trump’s Ukraine policy has teeth unlike Obama, who refused to dole out military aid out of fear of hurting Putin’s feelings.

During these hearings, it was revealed that the president could legally put a hold on aid. This is shoddier and more pathetic than the Russian collusion narrative that turned out to be a total myth. (Read more from “After These Remarks About the Trump Impeachment Circus, Does This Mean House Democrats Are Russian Agents?” HERE)

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