Democrats Step up Pressure Over Witnesses After Bolton Bombshell; Bolton Slams ‘Corrupted’ National Security Council Review Process After Book Excerpt Leaks

By The Hill. Democrats are stepping up pressure on Republicans to support calling witnesses as part of President Trump’s impeachment trial after a bombshell New York Times report Sunday evening.

The Times, citing sources familiar with former national security adviser John Bolton’s unpublished memoir, reported that Bolton claims President Trump sought to tie $391 million in aid to Ukraine to his requests for the country’s leaders to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. The Hill has not seen or verified the manuscript.

Democrats, including House impeachment managers, immediately seized on the report, arguing it underscores the need for Bolton and other administration officials to testify.

“John Bolton has the evidence,” Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) wrote in a tweet. “It’s up to four Senate Republicans to ensure that John Bolton, Mick Mulvaney, and the others with direct knowledge of President Trump’s actions testify in the Senate trial.” . . .

Trump’s legal team began presenting its defense on Saturday, including arguing that the president’s decision to hold up Ukraine aid was tied to concerns about corruption or a belief that Europe wasn’t doing enough to support Ukraine. (Read more from “Democrats Step up Pressure Over Witnesses After Bolton Bombshell” HERE)


Bolton Slams ‘Corrupted’ National Security Council Review Process After Book Excerpt Leaks

By Fox News. A top aide to former national security adviser John Bolton is disputing part of a Sunday report in The New York Times, which claimed Bolton had shared a manuscript of his forthcoming book with “close associates” — and Bolton’s lawyer is saying the National Security Council’s review process of pending manuscripts is “corrupted.”

The Times reported that the manuscript included a bombshell claim that Trump explicitly linked a hold on Ukraine aid to an investigation of Joe and Hunter Biden.

Trump told Bolton in August, according to a transcript of Bolton’s forthcoming book reviewed by the Times, “that he wanted to continue freezing $391 million in security assistance to Ukraine until officials there helped with investigations into Democrats including the Bidens.”

The Times reported that Bolton had circulated “drafts of a manuscript he has circulated in recent weeks to close associates” and also “sent a draft to the White House for a standard review process for some current and former administration officials who write books.” . . .

In a statement obtained by Fox News, Bolton attorney Charles Cooper lamened that the review process had been “corrupted.” (Read more from “Bolton Slams ‘Corrupted’ National Security Council Review Process After Book Excerpt Leaks” HERE)

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