Federal Prosecutor Wrapping up Investigation Into Clinton Foundation

A federal investigation into matters related to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is nearly complete.

U.S. Attorney John Huber’s two-year-plus inquiry, which has been shrouded in mystery compared to other politically charged investigations involving federal law enforcement, has not led to any criminal charges or any “known impacts,” according to the Washington Post.

Within Huber’s purview was the FBI’s corruption investigation into the 2010 Uranium One deal and allegations that Clinton orchestrated a “quid pro quo.” The sale of Uranium One, a Toronto-based company with U.S. mine holdings, to Russian state-owned Rosatom was the focus of great controversy and scrutiny from Republicans who claimed that Clinton helped coax a nine-agency review board not to block the deal and that the Clinton Foundation may have stood to benefit from it.

Huber, who hails from Utah, was tasked by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate a list of allegations by Republicans in Congress. During his review, Huber examined documents and spoke with federal law enforcement officials in Little Rock, Arkansas, who were involved in an inquiry into the Clinton family’s foundation. (Read more from “Federal Prosecutor Wrapping up Investigation Into Clinton Foundation” HERE)

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