Judge Rules 11-Month-Old to Be Taken off Life Support Against Mom’s Wishes

On Thursday, a Texas Judge Sandee Marion ruled that 11-month-old Tinslee Lewis can be taken off life support against the wishes of the child’s mother Trinity Lewis.

To the disagreement of Ms. Lewis, doctors say Tinslee is in pain and will never recover from her rare heart condition and other medical issues.

Ms. Lewis’ request to “issue an injunction to ensure that the Cook Children’s Medical Center doesn’t end her daughter Tinslee Lewis’ life-sustaining treatment” was denied by Judge Marion, the chief justice of Texas’ Fourth Court of Appeals, CBN News reported.

Tinslee was born premature and suffers from a rare heart defect, chronic lung disease, and severe chronic high blood pressure, according to CBN. “She hasn’t come off a ventilator since going into respiratory arrest in early July and requires full respiratory and cardiac support, deep sedation and to be medically paralyzed. The hospital said doctors believe she’s suffering,” the report noted. . .

Asked about the law ordering her daughter to be taken off life support, the young mother told reporters, “It’s not fair and I don’t feel it’s their right to take somebody’s life because they want to stop treating them.” (Read more from “Judge Rules 11-Month-Old to Be Taken off Life Support Against Mom’s Wishes” HERE)

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