Call Them Lynch Mob, Fascist Democrats

Democrats in Congress treated Donald Trump the way that Democrats treated blacks, Jews, Quakers, and others in the Old South who did not “behave like they should”.

In the Old South, people who did not “behave” could be lynched by a rope or lynched by a “fixed” trial in which their constitutional rights were not respected. During the impeachment hearings, the Democrats did not allow President Trump or his supporters to present testimony or documents that showed the President was acting entirely within his official powers and duties to investigate the “quid pro quo” threat by Joe Biden not to deliver a billion dollars of aid to Ukraine unless Ukraine stopped investigating Biden’s son and the son’s business associates. Joe Biden even bragged about his “quid pro quo” threat at a Council of Foreign Relations meeting. That was on video!

The Democrats treated Donald Trump like a black, Jew, Quaker, or someone else in the Old South who refused to “behave”.

I am a Democrat who supports Democrats like John F. Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, and Senator “Scoop” Jackson. But the current leaders of the Democratic Party are just modern versions of the LYNCH MOB, FASCIST DEMOCRATS OF THE OLD SOUTH.

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