ICE: Sanctuary California Hiding Details on Accused Illegal Alien Child Abusers

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency is accusing the sanctuary state of California of refusing to disclose if they plan to release a number of criminal illegal aliens, including those accused of crimes against children.

This week, ICE officials sent subpoenas to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office (SDCSO) asking for whereabout information and if the sanctuary state plans on releasing a series of illegal aliens.

“Issuance of these immigration subpoenas is necessary because the SDCSO is forced to comply with California’s sanctuary state laws, and therefore cannot cooperate in honoring immigration detainers or requests for non-public information to assist in locating criminal aliens that have been or will be released from custody,” an ICE release stated. . .

“The public needs to be aware and concerned that California sanctuary state laws do not protect public safety and is bad public policy,” ICE official Gregory Archambeault said.

“Criminal aliens are being released back into the community daily and most will re-offend resulting in more victims,” Archambeault said. “For ICE, the most concerning part about dealing with uncooperative jurisdictions, or places that are not allowed to work with us, is that we don’t always know who is being arrested, when they’ll be released, or if they are at-large in the community again.” (Read more from “ICE: Sanctuary California Hiding Details on Accused Illegal Alien Child Abusers” HERE)

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