WATCH: Brave Chinese Woman Risks Her Life To Denounce ‘Evil’ Regime’s Handling Of Coronavirus; 2 Passengers Die After Leaving ‘Chaotic’ Quarantined Cruise Ship

By Breitbart. An anonymous Chinese woman courageously posted a video message to her fellow citizens on Sunday in which she called for resistance to the Communist Party, accusing it of destroying countless lives by bungling its response to the Wuhan coronavirus and warning that even now, the Party is primarily interested in suppressing dissent and maintaining power than fighting the disease.

Taiwan News was impressed by the woman’s willingness to say just about everything that can get you arrested in China, at a moment when swarms of censors have been unleashed to quash public anger over the coronavirus:

In the opening of the video, the woman addresses her “fellow citizens,” saying that ordinary people are being sacrificed by the “schemes and plans of the government.” She complains the government does not care about the average person and that no amount of money can buy the necessary medicine and hospital beds needed to treat the deadly virus.

She then proceeds to break every major taboo in the CCP censors’ book by expressing her support for independence in Tibet, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. She condemns the “evil deeds of the Chinese Communist Party and the corrupt regime, and evil society,” which she says prevents people from speaking freely.

The woman points out that anyone who dares to speak about the reality on the ground in Wuhan is quickly rounded up by the police. She says the solution of the authorities is to take people “to drink tea,” a euphemism for police interrogation, followed by detention and adjudication.

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2 Passengers Die After Leaving ‘Chaotic’ Quarantined Cruise Ship

By NBC News. . .The mandatory federal quarantine for nearly all of the U.S. citizens and their families who were evacuated from Wuhan, China, earlier this month on State Department-chartered planes has ended.

On Thursday, the 57 evacuees at Camp Ashland near Omaha, Nebraska took their final health checks. All were determined to be healthy.

“These people pose no health threat to their communities,” Dr. Eric Kasowski, CDC team leader for the quarantine in Omaha, said in a statement. “These Americans have done their duty — 14 days — and they’re getting to go back to their families.” . . .

Another group of 63 people who were under quarantine at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego has also been released. One of those evacuees was also diagnosed with COVID-19, and is hospitalized. The CDC said a close contact of that patient will remain under quarantine.

“Two passengers’ journeys have been delayed, but we are confident in the care they are receiving from local health officials and health care providers,” Dr. Erin Staples, CDC team leader for the quarantine in San Diego, said. (Read more from “2 Passengers Die After Leaving ‘Chaotic’ Quarantined Cruise Ship” HERE)

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