WATCH: Woman Says She Was Recruited as Teen to Be Powerful Church Leader’s ‘Sex Slave’

A California woman, Sochil Martin, has told the federal agents and California prosecutors that the men who ran her church recruited her as a high school teen in Los Angeles to become a “sex slave” for the leader of the Light of the World Church, which claims to have five million members in the United States, Mexico and 50 other countries around the world.

“Everything that I was taught to do for him, it wasn’t wrong, it was a blessing,” Martin said in an interview on the Law&Crime Network Program Brian Ross Investigates.

She says as she grew older she helped to recruit other underage girls to participate in group sex scenes that the church leader, known as the “Apostle” by his followers, would record on his phones and electronic tablets. . .

She said she left the church after being beaten by Garcia who was angry when she refused to perform a sex act in front of him with a 14-year-old boy. . .

Martin’s account comes as the church leader, Naason Joaquin Garcia, is already in custody, facing trial on sex trafficking charges brought by the California attorney general. He was arrested last June as he arrived on a private jet in Los Angeles and has pleaded not guilty to the charges. (Read more from “WATCH: Woman Says She Was Recruited as Teen to Be Powerful Church Leader’s ‘Sex Slave’” HERE)

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