Putin Sides With China in War of Words With the U.S. Over COVID-19 Origins

By PJ Media. Chinese propaganda has been a marvel these last few weeks. They have “bent the curve” of history and rewritten the narrative to make themselves out to be heroic saviors of the world. They pretend that their initial response to the coronavirus was superior to any other nation’s and besides, the virus was let loose upon China by someone else; it didn’t originate there.

Any thinking person knows it’s all a lie. But there are many who choose to play along with Chinese propaganda — especially if it gives them the chance to criticize America.

Count Russian President Vladimir Putin as an enthusiastic booster of China’s lies.

Washington Examiner:

Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke with his Russian counterpart on the phone on Thursday, and “Putin commended the Chinese government for taking effective measures to not only contain the spread of the virus at home but also contribute to safeguarding the health and safety of people across the world,” according to a readout of the call Friday by China’s Foreign Ministry.

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Coronavirus Drives the U.S. and China Deeper Into Global Power Struggle

By New York Times. When President Trump took the podium at the White House briefing room one afternoon last week, his prepared remarks included a reference to the “corona virus.” But a close-up photograph revealed that Mr. Trump had used one of his signature Sharpies to cross out the word “corona,” changing the phrase to “Chinese virus.”

Mr. Trump was scathing as he accused Beijing of concealing the outbreak first detected in Wuhan that has become a pandemic now paralyzing the United States. “Certainly, the world is paying a big price for what they did,” he said. And the next day, he was joined at a White House briefing by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who accused China’s government of distorting vital health data and said its response “creates risk to people all around the world.”

The withering criticism is an abrupt change in tone for a president who has long sought to stay on friendly terms with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, and who initially praised Mr. Xi’s government for “doing a very professional job” against the epidemic. But as Mr. Trump and top American officials toughen their condemnations of Mr. Xi’s government, national security and public health experts fear that the two world powers are heading into a new Cold War that could seriously undermine joint efforts to quash the virus and salvage the global economy. (Read more from “Coronavirus Drives the U.S. and China Deeper Into Global Power Struggle” HERE)

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