Record Numbers Turn to Online Faith Platforms During Coronavirus Pandemic (VIDEO)

Record numbers of people are turning to online faith platforms during the coronavirus crisis as their places of worship have shut down indefinitely and people of faith are urged to remain at home. . .

“For the past several weeks, as Catholic dioceses around the country and around the world have suspended Masses, EWTN has been seeing a dramatic increase in media consumption,” Michael P. Warsaw, board chairman and CEO of the EWTN Global Catholic Network, told Breitbart News:

For example, our video on demand platforms alone are seeing an increase over previous traffic levels between 300-500% daily. We have seen our general web traffic increasing by over 500% on some days.

While we don’t know the exact audience numbers, there is no doubt that our television and radio networks are seeing huge increases as well. People have a great deal of anxiety and fear at this moment and it’s clear that they are looking for hope, something that EWTN can help provide.

. . .

Family Research Council (FRC), a nonprofit research and educational organization that advocates for a family-centered philosophy of public life and espouses a biblical worldview, has provided a resource page titled “COVID-19 and the Church” on its website. The site offers creative ideas for churches and ministries to continue faith encounters in a safe manner during the crisis. (Read more from “Record Numbers Turn to Online Faith Platforms During Coronavirus Pandemic (VIDEO)” HERE)

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