Spanish Nurse Details Horrific Conditions at Country’s Hospitals; Europe Hunkers Down for War Against Coronavirus

By The Blaze. A Spanish nurse says that going to work on a daily basis and fighting COVID-19 is like going to war.

According to Business Insider, nurse Coral Merino said that COVID-19 patients are dying lonely deaths alone and away from their families. Health authorities said Saturday, according to a CNBC report, that coronavirus infections have reached 5,753 people, half of them in Madrid, since the first case was detected in Spain in late January. . .

Merino, an ER nurse at Principe de Asturias University Hospital in Alcala de Henares, added that health care providers are also at risk, because there isn’t enough personal protection wear to go around.

“These are hard times for all professionals, but especially for us,” she admitted. “We’re constantly in close contact with patients. … There simply aren’t enough masks to change them each time we go to see an isolated patient. There are no proper gowns. We just have to make do with porous ones and put plastic aprons over them.” . . .

Merino, who has been a nurse since 2011, added, “We’re reusing the goggles other colleagues have used, washing and disinfecting them ourselves.” (Read more from “Spanish Nurse Details Horrific Conditions at Country’s Hospitals” HERE)


Europe Hunkers Down for War Against Coronavirus

By Politico. . .EU leaders on Monday imposed a new wave of drastic measures aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus that has infected more than 180,000 people worldwide, killed more than 7,000 and is now threatening to overwhelm health systems in the richest, most-advanced countries on Earth.

“We are at war,” French President Emmanuel Macron declared in a televised speech to his nation, in which he announced a 15-day lockdown that would permit only the most essential movements, beginning at noon on Tuesday.

“It is of course a sanitary war,” Macron said. “We are not fighting against an army, or another nation. But the enemy is here. It is invisible, elusive and it is progressing. And this requires our general mobilization.”

Macron’s speech was just one of many remarkable public appearances on Monday by world leaders who rolled out unprecedented measures to fight the microscopic enemy.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, appearing at a news conference in Berlin, said Germany would take “radical” steps including a ban on all travel “domestically or abroad” except for urgent work trips. She said bars, theaters, museums, cinemas and non-essential shops would be closed. (Read more from “Europe Hunkers Down for War Against Coronavirus” HERE)

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