WATCH: Christian Rockers Send Messages of Hope Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

John Cooper, the frontman for the Christian rock band Skillet, and Colton Dixon, singer-songwriter and former “American Idol” contestant, offered some inspiring messages for Americans at a difficult time in the country.

“During this crazy, crazy time that we are here, it is easy and it is tempting to not trust God,” said Cooper on Fox Nation’s new series, “Bible Study: Messages of Hope.” “I have found in my life that trusting God is actually the No. 1, the hardest, biggest, temptation in my life. It is my truest vice.”

“I prefer, honestly, to trust myself more than I trust God,” he admitted. “Not because I’m good at meeting my needs. I’m horrible at meeting my needs. I don’t like that feeling of unsurety. I don’t like the feeling of not knowing where my meal is coming from. I don’t like the uncertainty of knowing when the coronavirus is going to go away.”

“I’m missing income right now. I’m not playing concerts. What are we going to do?” he asked rhetorically. “I would encourage people out there to remember this: If you know Jesus, then we are called to trust in God. That’s what the Bible says. Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, not your own understanding. I’ve found that that is one of the hardest things, but it is the one most freeing thing.”

Christian artist Colton Dixon also cautioned folks to control their own anxiety over the coronavirus outbreak, and use this time in self-isolation for self-improvement. (Read more from “WATCH: Christian Rockers Send Messages of Hope Amid Coronavirus Outbreak” HERE)

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