COVID-19: How the Chinese Communist Party Criminally Orchestrated a Global Pandemic Holocaust

The pandemic spread of COVID-19 has been guided by the Chinese Communist Party since the first cases emerged in China in early November; not December. The number of COVID-19 cases that China reported to the WHO (82,000 cases and 3,300 deaths) amounts to one of the greatest criminal deceptions in history. The true number of deaths in China from the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak is likely up in the hundreds of thousands; if not millions. However, even before China begin erecting make-shift hospitals in Wuhan at the height of the outbreak, it was already attempting to rewrite the COVID-19 narrative that it had the epidemic well under control – despite the fact that it had detained and executed whistle-blowers who spoke out against the regime’s handling of the crisis. And despite the fact that the CCP had also let 5 million potentially-infected people slip out of Wuhan China before enforcing the lock-down. None of these people were screened for SARS-CoV-2 according to the Wall Street Journal.

But China’s criminal negligence with this outbreak goes even beyond this. The Chinese Communist Party sent it agents all over the globe to scour the world for face masks beginning in late December and January. Their goal was to buy up all the face masks they could find in bulk in Western nations and ship them back to China. This directive left Western nations vulnerable and basically defenseless – even woefully unprepared whenever the virus struck in full force. PPE procurement by China and Chinese nationals was happening all over the US, while most Americans were sound asleep or too busy engrossed in social media or sports to even notice what was transpiring around them. (Read more from “COVID-19: How the Chinese Communist Party Criminally Orchestrated a Global Pandemic Holocaust” HERE)

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