It Appears John Brennan Pulled a Deep State Move to Benefit Hillary Clinton

By Townhall. . . So, what’s new with this latest document? Well, for starters, Fred Fleitz, the former Chief of Staff to the National Security Council and ex-CIA analyst, wrote an op-ed citing the many alarming tidbits, namely that a lot of the report is blacked out. Also, yes, the Senate Committee is bipartisan, but with Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), an alleged leaker and liar, muddying the waters on the other end of the pond—there’s no way to accept any assessment on this and the bias doesn’t stop with Schiff. Yes, Schiff who met with the so-called Ukraine whistleblower prior to him filing his complaint against the president which got the impeachment Hail Mary effort going. Schiff knew the whistleblower, met with him and weaponized his complaint to be used in a pathetic impeachment push that distracted the nation from preparing for the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak. Schiff said he didn’t have contact. Even The Washington Post had to call him out for that, but sorry, let’s return to this Russia nonsense. It would seem that former CIA Director John Brennan allegedly suppressed information collected that pointed another conclusion: the Russians would benefit more from a Hillary win in the 2016 election. Also, like Schiff, his review was biased. Fleitz has more:

…although the protocols require intelligence community assessments to be “community products” and vetted with all intelligence agencies and analysts with equities in a given subject, only three intelligence agencies were asked to draft this assessment: the CIA, National Security Agency and FBI.

With the 14 other intelligence agencies left out, the three participating agencies included only two dozen “handpicked” analysts. Other intelligence agencies working on this issue, such as the Defense Intelligence Agency and the Department of Homeland Security, were excluded.

In addition, House Intelligence Committee staff revealed the actual drafting of the intelligence community assessment was done by three close associates of former CIA Director Brennan, who has proven to be the most politicized intelligence chief in American history.

Contrary to common practice for controversial intelligence community assessments, Brennan’s team allowed no dissenting views or even an annex with reviews by outside experts.

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Ex-NSC Chief: House Intelligence Committee Staff Found John Brennan ‘Suppressed’ Russia Evidence

By Washington Examiner. House Intelligence Committee staff said former CIA Director John Brennan “suppressed” intelligence indicating that Russia wanted Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 election, according to John Bolton’s former chief of staff.

The Senate Intelligence Committee released a report on Tuesday that defended the 2017 intelligence community assessment on Russian election interference and determined with “moderate” to “high” confidence that Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin sought to boost President Trump’s 2016 election chances.

One day later, Fred Fleitz, a former CIA officer and National Security Council chief of staff, wrote in a Fox News opinion piece that House Intelligence Committee members “found the opposite” motivations for Russia to interfere in the presidential contest. . .

The Senate intelligence panel’s 158-page bipartisan report, which was heavily redacted, said investigators found no evidence of political pressure to reach a specific conclusion and determined that the assessment by the CIA, FBI, and National Security Agency “presents a coherent and well-constructed intelligence basis for the case of unprecedented Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.”

Brennan, a vocal Trump critic, said that the Senate Intelligence Committee report “totally validated” the 2017 intelligence community assessment. (Read more from “Ex-NSC Chief: House Intelligence Committee Staff Found John Brennan ‘Suppressed’ Russia Evidence” HERE)

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