Leftist Elites Are Using Corona Crisis to Accomplish the ‘Change’ Promised by Obama, Hillary Clinton

Amid the government’s aggressive response to the coronavirus pandemic, many suggest that much of the United States is under de facto Martial Law. With citizens ordered to stay home, businesses forced to shut down, and even church services banned – with violators subject to onerous fines and jail time – it certainly feels that way.

And with some cities encouraging citizens to snitch on their neighbors suspected of skirting lockdown orders; with scenes of lone surfers and joggers, moms taking their kids to playgrounds, Christians sitting in their cars in church parking lots, and peaceful pro-life abortion protesters being ticketed or arrested and hauled off by police – despite practicing common sense social distancing – the U.S. has begun to feel more like communist East Germany under the Stasi’s reign of terror than the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Some state governors appear giddy with their new found powers to exert what amounts to tyrannical control over their citizens, as if the U.S. Constitution on display in the National Archives had been torn up in the same way House Speaker Nancy Pelosi brazenly ripped apart President Donald Trump’s speech as he wrapped up his 2020 State of the Union Address. . .

What leftist elites couldn’t accomplish under Obama, because of the massive pushback of the Tea Party that blocked them, they now hope to accomplish through the coronavirus pandemic. What they could not accomplish after their hopes were dashed, when Donald J. Trump came out of nowhere to beat Hillary Clinton in 2016, they now hope to accomplish by means of this crisis. (Read more from “Leftist Elites Are Using Corona Crisis to Accomplish the ‘Change’ Promised by Obama, Hillary Clinton” HERE)

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