Report: Female Prison Guards Are Being Raped by Transgender ‘Women’

Female prison officers have been raped by male-bodied inmates who self-identify as trans women, a former Minister has revealed.

The disclosure was made by Rory Stewart, the ex-Tory Cabinet Minister who oversaw prisons in 2018 and 2019 and who is now running as an independent candidate for Mayor of London.

It will fuel questions about policies that have allowed criminals with male bodies to describe themselves as female and demand to be housed in women’s prisons.

Mr Stewart told GQ magazine: ‘When I was Prisons Minister, we had situations of male prisoners selfidentifying as females then raping staff in prison.’

The claim is the first public reference to trans women assaulting prison staff in women’s jails, but it follows warnings that allowing malebodied criminals into female jails puts women in danger. (Read more from “Report: Female Prison Guards Are Being Raped by Transgender ‘Women'” HERE)

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