China: U.S. ‘Sabotaged’ Global Coronavirus Efforts; China Renews Lockdowns

By Breitbart. China’s state-run People’s Daily on Tuesday accused the United States of “sabotaging” the global battle against the Wuhan coronavirus by criticizing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The latest twist to Chinese propaganda is an allegation that the U.S. ignored warnings from China and the World Health Organization (W.H.O.), a perfect inversion of the reality that W.H.O. spread false information fed to it by China that greatly increased the damage caused by the coronavirus in countries that took the W.H.O. seriously.

The People’s Daily claimed the entire world is in “shock” over America’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, basing its claim of “sabotage” largely on claims that the United States has handled the disease poorly and wallowed in “egoism” by blaming the CCP for unleashing it:

The US now has the largest number of confirmed cases and fatalities of COVID-19 in the world, and is the current epicenter of the pandemic. Its reluctance to promote global cooperation to tackle the lethal virus has made it a less credible and consistent partner for the international community. Experts and officials around the world have criticized the nation’s egoism amid a global pandemic, condemning its failure to protect its own people, as well as its hindering of joint global efforts to stop the virus’ spread.

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China Is Renewing Lockdown Restrictions After New Coronavirus Clusters Were Found in Wuhan and Shulan, 2 Cities Hundreds of Miles Apart

By Business Insider. Two new clusters of coronavirus cases in China have been reported hundreds of miles apart, sparking fears of another large-scale outbreak.

On Sunday, the country’s National Health Commission reported 17 new coronavirus diagnoses, the highest number in almost two weeks, and the second day in a row new cases were in the double digits, Reuters reported.

Fourteen cases were in Shulan, a city of more than 700,000 near the Russian and North Korean borders. They were all traced to a 45-year-old woman working at a police laundry department with no history of recent travel or contact with an infected person.

The government has reclassified Shulan as a high-risk region, the only city in China with that classification. Authorities have closed public spaces, with residents told to stay home unless there were “unusual circumstances.” (Read more from “China Is Renewing Lockdown Restrictions After New Coronavirus Clusters Were Found in Wuhan and Shulan, 2 Cities Hundreds of Miles Apart” HERE)

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