Declassified Susan Rice Email Confirms Michael Flynn Was Personally Targeted; Flynn’s Close Family Stuck by Him Despite Charges

By The Federalist. Michael Flynn was personally targeted during a crucial Jan. 5, 2017 Oval Office meeting arranged by then-President Barack Obama, a newly declassified document shows.

On Jan. 20, 2017, as President Donald Trump was being inaugurated, former White House National Security Adviser Susan Rice sent herself a bizarre email detailing the Jan. 5 meeting between her, Obama, then-Vice President Joe Biden, then-Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, and fired former Federal Bureau of Investigations Director James Comey. In the email, portions of which were not declassified until recently, Rice recorded that Flynn, who at the time was the incoming national security adviser for Trump, was personally discussed and targeted during the meeting with Obama. . .

The newly declassified portions of the Jan. 5 Rice email confirm that the targeting of Flynn was coordinated within the inner sanctum of the White House and that both Obama and Biden were deeply involved in the campaign to take down Flynn.

Documents previously released and declassified showed that the FBI never possessed any evidence that Flynn was a secret Russian agent or that he had broken any laws. An FBI electronic communication closing the agency’s counterintelligence investigation against him, which was dated Jan. 4, made clear that “no derogatory information” about Flynn had been obtained during the months-long investigation of Flynn. (Read more from “Declassified Susan Rice Email Confirms Michael Flynn Was Personally Targeted” HERE)


Michael Flynn’s Close Family Stuck by Him Despite Charges

By New York Post. Even after the Justice Department filed papers earlier this month to withdraw its deeply compromised case against Gen. Michael Flynn for making false statements to the FBI, the fate of President Trump’s first national security adviser is still unresolved. Presiding Judge Emmitt Sullivan disagrees so strongly with the government’s decision that he appointed a former jurist to find avenues by which Flynn might still be prosecuted.

It’s the latest reversal for the 33-year combat veteran and former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Flynn joined the Trump campaign in 2016 and became one of the president’s closest advisers — which is why former Obama administration officials had their knives out. Forced out of the White House in February 2017, Flynn pleaded guilty after Robert Mueller’s special counsel prosecutors threatened to bring phony charges against his son.

All the time, Flynn’s large Irish Catholic family, which was raised in Newport, RI, had stood by him. . .

“All of the allegations about him ‘colluding’ with Russia were so preposterous that we knew it was corrupt,” says Joe Flynn, one of the retired general’s younger brothers. “He was being targeted and that galvanized us.”

The Flynns started a legal-defense fund for their brother. (Read more from “Michael Flynn’s Close Family Stuck by Him Despite Charges” HERE)

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