Ex-Flynn Deputy Hits Obama Officials Over Conflicting Collusion Claims

By Fox News. Former Deputy National Security Adviser K.T. McFarland ripped Obama administration officials on “The Story” Thursday for making what she considered to be conflicting public statements about the existence of “collusion” between President Trump and the Russian government.

“The director of national intelligence [James Clapper], the CIA director [John Brennan], the FBI director [James Comey], and the deputy FBI director [Andrew McCabe] in the Obama administration were going into closed, classified healings on Capitol Hill, in the House Intelligence Committee and they were saying there was no collusion,” she said. . .

“And then others were basically accusing President Trump of treason,” added McFarland, who served under retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. “Which way is it, guys? You dragged the country through three years of being at each other’s throats over something you knew was a lie and a hoax.

“Why did you do it and who helped you do it?” (Read more from “Ex-Flynn Deputy Hits Obama Officials Over Conflicting Collusion Claims” HERE)


Former Intelligence Director James Clapper Responds to ‘Unmasking’ Allegations

By New York Post. Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper defended his conduct after being named among top Obama administration officials as having been involved in the effort to “unmask” former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Speaking during an appearance on CNN Thursday, Clapper argued that it was “routine” to “unmask” US citizens who are inadvertently included in the surveillance of foreign adversaries.

“It’s a routine thing,” the former intelligence chief said. “It’s appropriate and legitimate when you have a valid foreign intelligence target engaging with a US person. Is it, for example, an insider, someone in the government engaging with a foreign adversary? So it’s important from the standpoint of potential jeopardy to national security that you understand what’s going on.”

Clapper told the network that he would request to “unmask” individuals as frequently as “once or twice a week” during his tenure as DNI. (Read more from “Former Intelligence Director James Clapper Responds to ‘Unmasking’ Allegations” HERE)

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