Judges Block Trump Rule That Immigrants Must Have Health Insurance

A three-judge panel in California has blocked President Donald Trump’s October 2019 immigration reform that requires that would-be legal immigrants be able to pay for their own healthcare costs.

The nationwide legal block — a “stay” — will allow the continued entry of legal immigrants who cannot cover the cost of treatment during the coronavirus epidemic. One million legal immigrants are admitted each year, regardless of the economic impact on taxpayers, home buyers, and unemployed Americans.

But the block may be lifted if the administration can get a reversal from other judges in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals or the U.S. Supreme Court.

Even if the stay is not removed, the judges have yet to decide if Trump’s October policy is valid. So far, Trump’s lawyers have won numerous legal battles against lawsuits funded by pro-migration Democrats and business groups. But if Trump loses the 2020 election, a Democrat president would dismantle the reform, even if the Supreme Court approves it. (Read more from “Judges Block Trump Rule That Immigrants Must Have Health Insurance” HERE)

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