Woman Fights to Be Listed as ‘Father’ on Baby’s Birth Certificate

A transgender [woman] who gave birth to a child has lost [her] latest legal bid to be registered on the birth certificate as the father rather than the mother.

Freddy McConnell appealed against a decision made by a High Court judge that a person who carries and gives birth to a baby is legally a mother.

Mr McConnell, from Kent, wanted to be named father or parent on the document.

[She] said [she] was disappointed by the Court of Appeal ruling, adding that [her] fight was “just not over”. . .

Lord Chief Justice Lord Burnett said the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) required Mr McConnell to be registered as the mother, and the requirement did not violate [her] rights to private and family life, as set out in the European Convention on Human Rights. (Read more from “Woman Fights to Be Listed as ‘Father’ on Baby’s Birth Certificate” HERE)

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