Woman Mauled to Death by Her Rescue French Bulldog

An Illinois woman was likely viciously mauled to death inside her home by her own rescue French bulldog, according to authorities.

Lisa Urso, 52, was found dead at her home in Ingleside, located in the northern part of the state about 60 miles from both Chicago and Milwaukee in opposite directions.

Officers who responded to the scene after 4:43 p.m. Saturday found her mutilated body on the back porch, Fox Lake Police Chief Jimmy Lee said.

An autopsy confirmed she died from injuries sustained when her dog attacked her. The coroner’s office said the attack began inside the home but Urso managed to make it out to the porch, where she died, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

The coroner said the rescue dog had previously been used to fight, according to WGN. (Read more from “Woman Mauled to Death by Her Rescue French Bulldog” HERE)

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