General Mattis Has Betrayed the Marines and America

. . .“Mad Dog” may have worn the uniform of a leatherneck for more years than most, but he has betrayed the values of the Corps by his recent statements about the sitting commander-in-chief. He is no longer one of “the Few, the Proud,” having accused President Trump of somehow violating “the Constitutional rights of . . . fellow citizens” by walking to St. John’s Episcopal Church the day after “peaceful” protestors tried to burn the church to the ground. It’s the same church that every incoming president of the United States has stopped to pray in and show his respects on the morning of his inauguration.

Do I have a right to criticize a man like Mattis? A man allegedly called “Mad Dog” and “Chaos” by his peers? No, I never served in the U.S. military. My only military experience is a few years in the British Army reserves. Once I came to America, however, I twice took the oath of service to my new nation. Once when I joined the Defense Department as a civilian, and then again in 2017 when I joined the White House as a strategist to President Trump.

And even if none of that were true, I would still feel a duty publicly to censure Mattis for a personal reason: because of what I learned from the Marines I have worked for and with over the years. Their love of America and their respect for the truth demand that we react to such reprehensible behavior from a retired general officer who knows better. . .

. . .Shouldn’t a general, retired or otherwise, know that a president’s primary responsibility is the security of the citizens of our nation? It is possible that Mattis is unaware of the dozens of times U.S. presidents—Democrat and Republican—have used the military domestically to keep us all safe, from quelling rioters to responding to disasters?

. . .Yes, Mattis is wrong. But more than that, he is a coward. No, not in any sense related to his military service. I have no evidence to the effect that in a firefight with real bullets he wouldn’t acquit himself like a man. No, I am not referring to physical courage, but moral courage. (Read more from “General Mattis Has Betrayed the Marines and America” HERE)

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