No Surprise: Democrats Hold Sizable Lead in Vote-By-Mail Enrollment

Democrats are holding a sizeable lead in vote-by-mail enrollment in Florida, leading Republicans by over 300,000 voters, according to Division of Election data released last week.

Current data shows Democrats enjoying a sizeable advantage, enrolling 1.46 million Democrats for vote-by-mail. Republicans, meanwhile, have 1.16 million signed up. According to Politico, Democrats “held an advantage of about 8,800 in vote-by-mail enrollment” in 2016. The news could signal trouble for the Trump campaign, which narrowly secured the Sunshine State in the last election, winning by less than 113,000 votes.

Democrats, both nationwide and in Florida, specifically, have been encouraging voters to apply for absentee ballots, citing concerns related to the novel coronavirus. However, Republicans, including the president and Attorney General William Barr, have warned against vote-by-mail on a large scale due to the increased risk of voter fraud.

The Democrat PAC Priorities USA filed a lawsuit last month against Florida officials, including Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), demanding changes to provisions to make vote-by-mail easier for November’s election. (Read more from “No Surprise: Democrats Hold Sizable Lead in Vote-By-Mail Enrollment” HERE)

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