Survey: Most U.S. Liberals Want to Rewrite Constitution

Seventy percent of self-identified “liberals” want to rewrite the U.S. Constitution “to a new American constitution that better reflects our diversity as a people,” according to survey results published in Quillette this week. Seventy-nine percent of self-identified “very liberal” respondents agreed with this suggestion.

Seventy-six and 81 percent of “liberal” and “very liberal” respondents supported the idea to “Rebalance the art shown in museums across the country until an analysis of content shows that it reflects the demography of the population and perspective of Native people and citizens of color.” Seventy-one and 80 percent of these groups, respectively, supported this idea: “Move, after public consultation, to a new American anthem that better reflects our diversity as a people.”

These were the cultural upheavals that received the highest support among the survey’s 16 suggested options, but liberals in the survey also supported many others. The survey was run by Eric Kaufmann, a professor of politics at Birkbeck College in the University of London, and administered to 870 Americans recruited from the Amazon Mechanical Turk and Prolific Academic platforms that researchers frequently use for such surveys.

“In order to find out how willing liberal Americans are to jettison the country’s cultural identity, I decided, on May 7th, to ask what I thought were outlandish questions…” he wrote. “The answers I received amazed me. I then repeated the exercise on June 15th, after the George Floyd killing and subsequent protests to see whether things had gotten even crazier. It turns out they have.” (Read more from “Survey: Most U.S. Liberals Want to Rewrite Constitution” HERE)

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