Speed of COVID Vaccine Leaves People Hesitant

Many people are hesitant about the prospect of taking a vaccine for the COVID-19 virus, and the speed of development is one of the major reasons.

“I’m a bit unsure. I’d like to, but I would not want a vaccine that is rushed to market,” said Terrell M., a Democrat from Texas. He would at least want it to be a year before he would feel comfortable getting the vaccine.

Although anti-vaccine sentiments have been on the rise, a majority of people still support vaccines. However, only around half of the American public would be open to getting the coronavirus vaccine when it becomes available, an Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs poll shows.

“I would not take a vaccine that has been rushed into existence to satisfy the political agenda,” said Sharlotte White, a Republican from Georgia. She would want it “thoroughly tested and researched” for at least five years. . .

“My honest opinion is that I might wait for the second round to see how people react,” Clay Robinson, a 20-year-old Republican from Arizona, told the Washington Examiner. (Read more from “Speed of COVID Vaccine Leaves People Hesitant” HERE)

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