Steve Bannon Claims Scientists From Wuhan Virus Lab Have ‘Defected’ to the West

Steve Bannon claims scientists in the Wuhan lab eyed as a potential source for COVID-19 have “defected” and are working with US intelligence agencies.

President Trump’s former chief strategist, a virulent China opponent, told the Daily Mail — while providing no evidence — that researchers from the Wuhan Institute of Virology are cooperating with the West to build a case that the bug spread from a lab leak.

“They are not talking to the media yet, but there are people out of the Wuhan lab and other labs that have come to the West and are turning over evidence of the culpability of the Chinese Communist Party,” Bannon told the tabloid. “I think people are going to be shocked.”

Bannon, giving the interview from a yacht off America’s East Coast, said the defectors were also speaking with agencies in Europe and the UK.

“People around these labs have been leaving China and Hong Kong since mid-February,” he went on. “[US intelligence] along with MI5 and MI6 are trying to build a very thorough legal case, which may take a long time. It’s not like James Bond.” (Read more from “Steve Bannon Claims Scientists From Wuhan Virus Lab Have ‘Defected’ to the West” HERE)

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