Wuhan Is the Final Straw: The World Needs to Divest From China; China Reportedly in Talks With Pakistani Terror Groups

By The Hill. The global influence of the Chinese Communist Party both economically and militarily is one of the most concerning stories so far in the 21st century. Despite years of human rights abuses, currency manipulation, dishonest trade practices, and threats to democracy, the Chinese communist government has been able to grow its economy and influence throughout the world at a breathtaking pace.

The current COVID-19 pandemic, and the global economic upheaval it has created, has exposed China as the reckless, dishonest member of the global community that many of us knew them to be. The outbreak in Wuhan and the communist government’s efforts to keep this quiet have led to a global catastrophe. National security advisor Robert O’Brien suggested that this cover up delayed the global response to COVID-19 by two months while the Chinese government allowed its own people to continue traveling to Wuhan and abroad, infecting the world. . .

Although it may be difficult to identify positives from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is plausible to suggest a global awakening to China’s insidious behavior is underway. It is now time for the global community to begin divesting in the China relationship. This is the only thing that will pressure China to operate honestly and abide by the same rules the rest of the world operates by.

The world needs to follow the examples of nations like Australia who has joined the United States in calling for an independent international investigation of China’s handling of COVID-19 and the WHO response. In typical fashion China has threatened Australia with economic sanctions. The Aussies have not relented, however. Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne has labeled these threats “economic coercion,” setting an example for the world to see. . .

In relation to COVID-19, nations should consider economic sanctions on Chinese officials responsible for this cover up and the Chinese companies which have benefitted. Additionally, nations, including the United States, should consider bringing China to the International Court of Justice for their violation of the 2005 International Health Regulations. China’s deception, cover-up, and underreporting of the disease is a clear violation of an agreement signed by nearly 200 states, including China and the United States. (Read more from “Wuhan Is the Final Straw: The World Needs to Divest From China” HERE)


China Reportedly in Talks With Pakistani Terror Groups

By India Today. At a time when the Indian and Chinese militaries continue to engage in talks to defuse the tension in Ladakh region, sources say Pakistan has started moving troops along the Gilgit-Baltistan area and the Chinese army is holding talks with terror organisation Al Badr to incite violence in Jammu and Kashmir.

According to sources, Pakistan has moved almost 20,000 additional troops in the northern Ladakh region to match Chinese deployments.

Sources have indicated that Pakistan is looking at an opportunity to open a two-front attack on India. Meanwhile, there were a series of meetings between the Indian Army and intelligence officials to discuss the looming threat.

Sources have said Pakistan’s ISI, egged on by the Chinese, has further increased the sending of battle-hardened terrorists or even planning BAT operations in India. (Read more from “China Reportedly in Talks With Pakistani Terror Groups” HERE)

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