Pharmacy Workers Told Not to Call Patients About Medication Handled by Sick Employees

CVS Health clarified its policy on Monday after one of the company’s district leaders in Georgia allegedly instructed local pharmacy employees not to notify customers whose prescriptions had been filled by someone who tested positive for COVID-19.

In a leaked email provided by a CVS pharmacy technician in Georgia, a district leader told workers to remove prescriptions that had been filled by an employee who tested positive from shelves, Business Insider reported. Workers were apparently told not to call customers who had already picked up the affected prescriptions.

CVS Health spokesman Michael DeAngelis said the instructions dictating when or when not to contact customers did not originate from the company’s corporate office and was not indicative of a company-wide policy. He confirmed CVS policy calls for employees to quarantine and replace any medication handled by someone who has tested positive for coronavirus.

“It is not our policy to prohibit our pharmacies from informing patients if their prescription was filled when an employee who tested positive for COVID-19 worked in the pharmacy,” the CVS spokesman said. (Read more from “Pharmacy Workers Told Not to Call Patients About Medication Handled by Sick Employees” HERE)

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