Chinese State Media: World Rejects ‘American Values’ Like Freedom and Democracy

China’s state-run Global Times cited a few polls and Western op-ed pieces on Sunday to argue the world has rejected “American values” like freedom and democracy.

In the Chinese Communist paper’s view, the U.S. response to China’s coronavirus pandemic, unrest in the streets, and “division and confrontation between political parties” prove the U.S. system does not work and America’s “global leadership is declining.” . . .

The Global Times blamed much of America’s supposed decline on President Donald Trump but then argued that if he had not been elected in 2016, “another similar politician would assume high office sooner or later” because America’s selfish, chaotic, stubbornly individualistic society simply cannot handle the challenges of globalization.

“With globalization worsening various woes in American society, the U.S. will eventually take off its hypocritical moral mask and reveal its true nature. The U.S. does not want to spend a relatively long time to adapt to globalization. It hopes to adopt direct and rampant measures to prevent other countries from making progress and taking the lead,” the Global Times concluded, seemingly predicting the United States will abandon its “hypocritical” concerns about human rights and become more like China. (Read more from “Chinese State Media: World Rejects ‘American Values’ Like Freedom and Democracy” HERE)

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