Grocery Store Worker Fired After Apprehending Purse Snatcher

This good Samaritan stopped a thief from stealing a woman’s purse, and his reward was losing his job.

A Vermont grocery store worker nabbed a purse snatcher — and was fired for his efforts.

Amir Shedyak, 20, who worked at the Hannaford supermarket in his hometown of Essex for four years, and was even an employee of the month, was canned after a heroic act in August. . .

“And he was like — an old lady’s purse just got stolen,” Shedyak, who is also a volunteer fireman, told local CBS station WCAX3. “I look to my right and I see a gentleman running across the parking lot and he had the purse in his hand.”

Shedyak grabbed the suspect from behind and held him down before calling the police. The suspect got away, but Shedyak was able to return the purse.

I got fired from Hannafords after working there for four years. I started out as a bagger and worked my way up to the…

Posted by Amir Shedyak on Wednesday, September 16, 2020

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