New Stimulus Deal Before Election Day Looks Increasingly Unlikely

Congress has one more chance to get a stimulus bill done before the election. . .

The Grand Canyon-like gap between the two parties on how to address the struggling economy has persisted for months. Only this time, the election is just 39 days away and a fierce partisan battle over a Supreme Court vacancy is consuming nearly all of the oxygen in the halls of Congress—exacerbating the realistic chances that an agreement is reached.

House Democrats are attempting to revive the lifeless pandemic relief talks by crafting a $2.4 trillion package. It’s $200 billion more than what House Peaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) have previously demanded, which has already been rejected by Senate Republicans and the White House.

The White House, and especially GOP lawmakers, remain opposed to such a high price tag, which Pelosi increased by $200 billion for additional aid for airlines and restaurants. Republicans could potentially entertain somewhere around $1.5 trillion, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin as suggested, who testified on Capitol Hill this week that more relief is direly needed. (Read more from “New Stimulus Deal Before Election Day Looks Increasingly Unlikely” HERE)

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