Several Arrests Made, Felonies Charged in Vote Harvesting Scheme

While the Democrats continue to stick to their narrative that incidents of ballot harvesting and rampant voter fraud are just a bogeyman conjured up by Republicans to disenfranchise people (or something), more evidence continues to prove just how wrong they are. In Texas, four people have been arrested in a ballot harvesting scheme, including a Gregg County commissioner.

That commissioner, Shannon Brown, 49, was arrested along with Marlena Jackson, 50, Charlie Burns, 84, and DeWayne Ward, 58, according to the Longview News-Journal. Brown alone was charged with 23 felonies including fraudulent use of mail ballot application, tampering with a governmental record with intent to harm or defraud, and good ole election fraud.

The elderly member of the crime group, Burns, was charged with eight felonies. Brown racked up six felony charges, but Jackson took the cake with 97 felony charges of organized election fraud and illegal voting.

The charges stem from activity during the 2018 Democratic primary in Texas when Brown won his contest against former Longview City Councilwoman Kasha Williams by just five votes. His victory was secured only after a tie was broken by counting provisional ballots, giving him the five-vote advantage. A recount confirmed his win. Williams challenged the results with a lawsuit.

Gregg County Elections Administrator Kathryn Nealy raised suspicions about the election saying that, for years, a disproportionate number of mail-in ballots came into the South Longview voting precinct. Things got stranger still when more than 230 mailed in ballots bore the signature of just five different people who claimed to have assisted the person casting the ballot. (Read more from “Several Arrests Made, Felonies Charged in Vote Harvesting Scheme” HERE)

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