U.S. Tops 7M COVID-19 Cases

The United States surpassed 7 million coronavirus cases Friday, roughly eight months after the first case was reported by Johns Hopkins University.

California leads the country with over 800,000 total cases, followed by Texas, Florida, and New York. Meanwhile, cases are surging in the Midwest in all states except Ohio, led by South Dakota, with more than 8,000 new cases, while North Dakota’s new cases doubled to 8,752 as compared to four weeks ago.

The rate of new cases is up 9% since last week, with an average of more than 43,000 new cases every day. Roughly 700 people have died each day in the past week, making the total number of deaths over 203,400, according to Johns Hopkins University data.

Former hot spots Arizona, New York, New Jersey, and California have all seen declining new case rates. (Read more from “U.S. Tops 7M COVID-19 Cases” HERE)

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