WATCH: Trump Slams Reporters for Treating Joe Biden Like a Child

President Trump took issue with reporters on Friday for treating Joe Biden like a child. Matt and Ellie wrote earlier about the softball questions that reporters teed up for the Democratic presidential nominee. There’s no excuse for the media’s childlike treatment of Joe Biden. Reporters should have their best questions saved up since the former VP has largely avoided the press all year long.

Like a child, Biden appears to be unable to call on reporters himself. The candidate that struggles to read a teleprompter relies on staff members to call on reporters using an approved list to decide which vetted reporter may ask a question. There’s no telling how much the Biden campaign vets the questions beforehand, but the campaign would be hard-pressed to come up with more self-serving questions themselves. . .

Trump, who gets nothing but hostile questions from the liberal media all day long and still calls on reporters who think they are in a presidential debate, grilled reporters at the White House on Friday for continuing to treat Biden like a child.

“Read the questions you asked,” Trump said. “Those questions were meant for a child. Smiles on faces of reporters, not like you and you” the president said, pointing to miserable reporters.

“Take a look at those questions that they ask him. They were not meant for a grown-up. They were meant for a child,” said the president.

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