Court To Review New Definition of ‘Woman’

A court in Scotland will review a case against a government attempt to redefine the word “woman” to include men.

The legal action by a group called For Women Scotland challenges the alteration of a law designed to address the number of women on public boards. The group claims that the definition of “woman” in the Gender Representation on Public Boards (Scotland) Act 2018 was altered to include men who identify as women due to pressure from the Scottish Trans Alliance.

“It should not be possible for Scottish government to redefine protected characteristics in discrete legislation nor undermine U.K. equality law,” the organization said in a statement noted by the U.K.’s Christian Institute

“Governments at Westminster and Holyrood have, shamefully, ignored U.K. law and left ordinary women with the task of defending our legal rights at personal and financial cost.” . . .

The transgender agenda has faced setbacks recently. This fall, the U.K. government dropped a plan that would have made it easier for those in England and Wales to change their legal “sex” designation from one to the other. (Read more from “Court To Review New Definition of ‘Woman'” HERE)

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