Planned Parenthood Audit Reveals Black Employees Encounter Numerous Instances of Racism

Dozens of employees for Planned Parenthood are saying they encountered continued instances of racism within the national wing of the organization.

The organization commissioned the Anti-Oppression Resource and Training Alliance group to conduct an internal audit, which was based on interviews with 64 current and 12 former black employees. The abortion provider’s president, who is black, warned that a “reckoning” over racism is headed toward Planned Parenthood when discussing the results of the audit last week.

“The urgency of this moment, the urgency of the reckoning that we’ve all known was coming … the deep urgency of what we need to do inside of [Planned Parenthood], stepping into leadership in this moment, I have never felt more urgent, and I’ve never actually felt more free,” Planned Parenthood President Alexis McGill Johnson said. “And I want that feeling of freedom to give us all the covers to do the work that we need to do.”

BuzzFeed News reported that dozens of black employees reported instances of racism and “anti-Blackness” when working with white coworkers. Planned Parenthood’s human resources department, however, delivered “no meaningful consequence or accountability for racial harm.”

“I imagine that little of it will be surprising to you that the collective experience of Black staff at Planned Parenthood is as heavy as it is,” Autumn Brown, an AORTA staff member who presented the findings, said. “What we were looking for was to understand … what is the collective experience of being Black at Planned Parenthood? Because regardless of the individual facts of the individual incidences, if we have enough incidences that look like X, we know that that means Y.” (Read more from “Planned Parenthood Audit Reveals Black Employees Encounter Numerous Instances of Racism” HERE)

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