Two College Students Plummet From Roof While Taking Selfie

Two Temple University students were hospitalized after they fell from a rooftop in Philadelphia while taking a selfie, according to police.

The two 19-year-old women fell four stories onto a sidewalk below while taking the photos early Saturday morning, according to ABC affiliate WPVI-TV. They had been at an off-campus rooftop party with several other students when the incident occurred. . .

One woman is in critical condition with many injuries while the other suffered leg and ankle injuries, according to WPVI. They are both expected to survive.

Meanwhile, the company that manages the apartment building said the rooftop deck has a parapet wall and railings, according to WPVI. However, some students say it is not safe. (Read more from “Two College Students Plummet From Roof While Taking Selfie” HERE)

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