WATCH: Trump Parade Stretches for 30 Miles in Arizona

Thousands of people showed their love for President Donald Trump on Saturday with a special drive through the Valley and rally in Wittmann.

Supporters hopped on their motorcycles or into their cars and drove around the Valley, honking their horns and expressing their admiration for the current president. Some of the pickup truck drivers had huge flags that said “Trump 2020” or had the Thin-Blue Line flag along with American flags. The Trump Train also featured trucks with digital billboards that said “Hate Cops? Next Time You Need Help Call a Crackhead” and “Vote No on Prop. 208.”

Theresa Montoya was one of the organizers and she said it started as a simple vote parade at Lake Pleasant but then grew. . .

Karen Patterson also participated in the ride. She said the vehicle line stretched for 30 miles. (Read more from “WATCH: Trump Parade Stretches for 30 Miles in Arizona” HERE)

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