Facebook Accused of Illegal Campaign Contribution to Biden

Facebook has been accused in a complaint to the Federal Election Commission of illegally contributing some $50,000 to the campaign of Joe Biden and Democratic Sen. Gary Peters by censoring a truthful ad that criticized his support for the proposed Equality Act promoting transgenderism.

The social media company cited a third-party “fact-checker” that argued the ad “lacked context.” But even the fact-checker, Politifact, had to admit the ad was not in error.

The complaint by the American Principles Project seeks an immediate investigation into the censorship of its ad concerning the law that would allow boys to compete in girls sports and much more.

It also wants an investigation into “the in-kind contributions made by Respondent Facebook, Inc. to the campaign of Democrat U.S. Senator Gary Peters from Michigan, to the campaign of Joe Biden and to the Democrat Party, by reasons of its fact-checking services and its content suppressive adverse action taken against Complainant in this instance … or in the alternative its violation of duties of disclosure and reporting.”

Terry Schilling, executive director of the APP, said that by “censoring this ad on such a flimsy basis, and by allowing ads in favor of Democrats to run unfettered on its platform, Facebook materially contributed to the campaigns of Peters and Biden.” (Read more from “Facebook Accused of Illegal Campaign Contribution to Biden” HERE)

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