Families Say Relatives Are Dead to Them if They Vote Wrong

. . .Reuters spoke with a variety of U.S. voters across the country who all admitted to being a part of the same movement: shunning — or being shunned by — family members for differing political viewpoints.

One woman the news organization spoke to is 41-year-old Milwaukee resident Mayra Gomez. She said she told her 21-year-old son that she planned on voting for President Donald Trump in the forthcoming presidential election. Her choice was apparently the wrong one — at least according to the unnamed Millennial.

“He specifically told me ‘You are no longer my mother, because you are voting for Trump,'” she recalled him telling her. “The damage is done. In people’s minds, Trump is a monster. It’s sad. There are people not talking to me anymore, and I’m not sure that will change.” . . .

Gayle McCormick, a 77-year-old Democratic voter, said that she separated from her 81-year-old husband after he voted for Trump in 2016. . .

Rosanna Guadagno, a 49-year-old Democrat, said that her brother shunned her after she reportedly refused to support the president’s 2016 presidential bid and even allegedly went so far as to intentionally exclude her from their mother’s funeral. (Read more from “Families Say Relatives Are Dead to Them if They Vote Wrong” HERE)

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